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This is a third party check and send service with an added service fee, this is additional to any fees from the DVLA, which in some cases can be free. Applications can be made directly on gov.uk without any service fee.

How To Apply For A Replacement Driving Licence

If you lost your driving licence you shouldn’t worry too much, as this is. A common occurrence that can happen to anyone. Because of this, there is already a process in place to replace your licence. The DVLA provides a few options to apply for a Replacement Driving Licence, this includes online or by post. The quickest and easiest way to replace your lost licence is by applying online. This process also applies if your licence is damaged or destroyed.

If your license has been stolen, you should contact the police to inform them of the situation before applying to reduce the risk of Identity theft.

Applying for a Replacement Licence:

To replace your licence, having the following info can make the process run smoothly:

• Driving Licence Number
• Passport Number
• National Insurance Number
• Address for the last 3 years

Updating Photo:

If a suitable electronic photo is available, DVLA can use a copy of your passport photo.
DVLA will use your passport photo for your new licence if:

You have a valid UK Passport (You will need to provide your passport number)
You give permission for DVLA to use your passport photo

If you do not have a valid UK passport or have an issue with the photograph, you’ll be sent a D1 form so that you can provide a new photo.


When you apply online, your new licence should arrive in the post in about 3 weeks.

If you have any issues with the online form or require any more information about replacing your lost driving licence, you can visit the www.gov.uk website

Replace Driving Licence Online

Showing replacement driver license out of car window

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